My last post seemed a bit doom and gloom, didn't it? That wasn't my intention, although I have definitely been more than a little stuck-in-a-rut than I care to be over the past few months. I'm not going to delve into boring (and personal) details, but it means that I need to try to take on something new, and something I can throw myself into.

Recently, I read a book that I've seen posted all over the place since its release earlier this month. #GIRLBOSS is a  motivational memoir written by the founder & CEO of the online shop Nasty Gal, and despite it being geared towards girls in their early twenties, it hit home. I needed a change, or at least the start of a change, to pull myself out of the slump I've been in. And the only person that can make that change happen is me.

I'm starting a new experiment. For the past five plus years, I've been posting about clothing I like onto Haute Macabre, and it seems like there are a lot of you out there that agree with me. It's half Shop My Closet, and it's half Vintage finds. I'm still trying to come up with a clever name for it, but until that comes to me, you can find my new shop on eBay.

Click here to be taken to my sales! 


Here's where you guys come in :: not just as potential customers, but as my tried and true loyal followers and friends, giving me your honest opinions. Tell me your thoughts on the items I've selected - should I stick to the goth guns, or does the mix up of retro and spookshow work? What do you look for in vintage shops? What type of photography is most appealing to you as a customer? Tell me all of your thoughts, as you've all always been my favorite focus group.

This batch of sales ends Tuesday of next week (that's the third of June), and I would love to keep at this. If you can't bid, please share with your friends, give me your feedback, or just check it all out!